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I haven't been dead. Just improving myself and going on with the flow of life.

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young grasshopper follow my words of inteligenciness and it will lead you to light...

You only 11 dude, you shouldnt even be thinking of girls right now, you should be living it up, believe me, girls in middle school will only make highschool worse,(unless you change schools or somthing w.e)

...............? en

Don't bother ,
just yell at the school front door
Yeah something like that .

thats awesome, at eleven! i'll help you but you gotta tell me you plan to stay a virgin till' your AT least...16 and it depends on your type really otherwise i wouldn't care about presents and date sims are all wrong you need to show that you are
emotionlly attracted to her somehow NOT physically.....well....unless it was a slut...
ah nvm nice girls will be easy they might accept you easily but mean ones...it'll
take awhile like two square cracks if you rub the edges together you might get in to their hearts BUT nice girls have more emotionl attachments to you SO!
well....if they need to move away or somthing like say you live in florida and so does she and then she moves to??? newyork??? it'll be very hard and probaly hurt alot inside

AND to: barabas
you know mr.b i know kids who had boyfriends and girlfriends in like preschool
it was like a little fun game they made up BUT
love is serious love is needed in life so that the world may flourish
this kid just wants a headstart to a good life
see....i'm married and i'm 18 my husband is 19 we've been together
since i was 13 he 14
i loved him because he CARED not because he thought i was hot and wanted to
have physical love with me he cared and i care now we're a key and a lock
one cannot exist without the other but also before i met him...i didn't care or love
i used to go home do my homework eat then go into my room turn off all the lights and sit in a corner and...think about everything and at night when every one was asleep I'd exercise and read DEREK (my husband) changed that
now since we're together we are never separated (except bathroom breaks)
i love him to death he's benevolent--(kind)--cheerful, nice, and ect
also this could be a message to you to garra
more to: garra
never ever EVER go to porn or hentai whatever it is its disgusting and
unattracting-bleh- girls hate perverts....sigh....except sluts but don't get a slutty girlfriend garra what they do is make love to you have a baby walk off for ten years then start pressing child surport on you
well if you need anything i mean ANYTHING pm me or not your choice

thx bro

no prob ^.^

wow ur that desprate to find a girl hun well act mature hang out with girls be nice to girls and acutlay ask them out